Terms of usage and service

CF008401_1.jpgOur reference library is open to the general public and serves scholars, students, musicians, and Bach lovers alike. The registration can be done at your library visit or you can use the form below.

The usage of the library is free. We charge fees for photocopy jobs, for the use of our materials for the production of printed matter and for written questions with extensive research. For more information about our services, click here.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

Usage of our rare book collection

If you want to use items of our historical stocks, please let us know 4 days before your visit (via phone or form below). This applies in particular to collections with the shelf marks "Rara", "Kulukundis" (Elias Kulukundis deposit), "Peters" (Musikbibliothek Peters deposit) and "Go.S." (Manfred Gorke collection) as well as to all handwritten sources and prints from the time before 1850.

Our original Bach manuscripts can be found as high-resolution reproductions in the database Bach digital.

Hereby I register for a visit to the library of the Bach Archive.



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