No 102 Promenade concert

Sat 17th June 2017  »  4:30 pm
GRASSI Museum für Musikinstrumente

Concerts in the halls and court yards of the museum

Studierende und Lehrende der Fachrichtung Alte Musik der HMT

An event in the »Alte Musik Fest« of the Leipzig Music University

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Free entry into the concert with a ticket to the museum (no advance sale).

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Welcome with natural horns – Ground floor foyer – The natural horn class plays French and Austrian fanfares of 1700 to get the promendade concerts of to a rousing start. // The principal of the pastoral idyll in compositions – Zimeliensaal – The harpsichord class, supported by students from other classes, play works by A. Corelli, G. P. Telemann a. o. on the museum’s instruments. // Il Flauto – ideal instrument of the pastoral idyll – Court yard – In the first concert, the recorder class introduces songs and dance by von J. H. Schein, A. Scandello, M. Praetorius and G. B. Pinello; in the second concert, the transverse flute class plays concort music from the 16th century. // Courtly splendour, bucolic idyll and monastic devotion – Zimeliensaal – A contribution by the Museum of Musical Instruments and the Musicology depertment of Leipzig University (in German) // Baroque dance between representative overture and idyllic menuet – First floor foyer – The Baroque orchestra of the department for ancient music will play a suit by G. Muffat for elegantly costumend dancer.