No 86 The oldest surviving German opera

Fri 16th June 2017  »  7:30 pm
GRASSI Museum, Innenhof

– J. Sebastiani: Pastorello musicale oder Verliebtes Schäferspiel (Königsberg 1663, first contemporary production)

Solisten der Fachrichtung Alte Musik der HMT Leipzig, Solisten der Fachrichtung Klassischer Gesang/Musiktheater der HMT Leipzig, Instrumentalisten der Fachrichtung Alte Musik der HMT Leipzig, Niels Badenhop (set design), Jutta Voß (Baroque dance), direction: Susanne Scholz

Concert introduction: 6.00 pm, GRASSI Museum für Musikinstrumente, im Zimeliensaal mit Irmgard Scheitler (in German)
An event in the »Alte Musik Fest« of the Leipzig Music University

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Ticket price: € 16,00
reduced: € 13,00

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The »Pastorello musicale« or »Verliebtes Schäfferspiel« by the Königsberg court kapellmeister, Johann Sebastiani, is the oldest extant German-language opera. Performed at a wedding in 1663 in the presence of the Great Elector, the manuscript score, discovered a few years ago, provides a vivid sample of the first adaptations of the modern Italian operatic style north of the Alps. And an amusing and entertaining one at that. The central figure is a youth, Thyrsis, who has read too much pastoral literature and is now firmly convinced that he himself is a shepherd in beautiful Arcadia. He stoutly courts his beloved Chrysille, giving occasion for all kinds of enjoyable satire on antique subjects to the sound of flutes, lutes and violins. In short, the »Pastorello musicale« is a parody of a pastoral opera, which keeps audiences excellently entertained for two hours.