No 87 Passion

Fri 16th June 2017  »  8:00 pm

– J. S. Bach: Johannes-Passion, BWV 245

Daniel Johannsen (tenor – Evangelist), Tobias Berndt (bass – Jesus), Dorothee Mields (soprano), Benno Schachtner (altus), Patrick Grahl (tenor – arias), Andreas Scheibner (bass – arias), Thomanerchor Leipzig, Freiburger Barockorchester, direction: Thomaskantor Gotthold Schwarz

Concert introduction: 7.00 pm, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, Dr. Manuel Bärwald · Pre-concert talk in English: Dr. Andrew Talle

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In his first year as Thomaskantor in Leipzig, from 1723-24, Johann Sebastian Bach accomplished a huge amount of work. Every week he composed new cantatas, dispensed lessons, led rehearsals and performances and in so doing made his own, very personal mark on Leipzig’s music scene. As the Holy Week 1724 approached, it was a matter of course for Bach to set the bar high with a new Passion composition. This was how the first version of the St. John Passion came about. The work accompanied him throughout his entire incumbency, with minor changes made at each new performance. The last performance by Bach of which we have any record took place on Good Friday, 1749.