Talks and Lectures about music

Songs that change the world?
Sat, 10.06.2017, 11.00 am, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
Reinhard Bärenz (head Kultur MDR) and Prof. Dr. Michael Custodis discuss with contemporary songwriters (in German).

»The Nightingale from Wittenberg« – Martin Luther and his songs
Mon, 12.06.2017, 11.30 am, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
Lecture in German by Prof. Dr. Martin Rößler (Tübingen)

»... beautiful Italian tricks of musical art brought to German soil« – Rosenmüller 400
Mon, 12.06.2017, 5.00 pm, Alte Nikolaischule, Aula
Symposium  with lectures in German by Markus Berger, Prof. Dr. Peter Wollny and PD Dr. Michael Maul

Monteverdi and the Counter-Reformation
Tue, 13.06.2017, 11.30 am, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
Lecture in German by Prof. Dr. Silke Leopold (Heidelberg)

Martin Luther and his Impact – a musical success Story
Wed, 14.06.2017, 11.30 am, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
Lecture in German by von PD Dr. Michael Maul (Bach Archive Leipzig)

Workshop Bach Archive I
Thu, 15.06.2017, 11.30 am, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
Bach’s »Unfinished«? – Insight into a new edition of Bach’s St John’s Passion. Report in German by Dr. Manuel Bärwald

J. S. Bach’s St. John’s Passion – Genesis, context, musical form
Fri, 16.06.2017, 9.30 am, Bach-Museum, Sommersaal
Seminar in German with Prof. Dr. Peter Wollny
(Friday: 9.30–11.30 am, Saturday: 9.30–11.30 am)

Workshop Bach Archive II
Fri, 16.06.2017, 11.30 am, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
Bach Surgery in German: You can ask questions, Leipzig Bach scholars will answer them.
You are invited to send your questions in advance to

Workshop Bach Archive III
Sat, 17.06.2017, 5.00 pm, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
Looking over Bach’s shoulder: from sketch to finished chorale cantata – Dr. Christine Blanken (in German)


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