Donation to Bachfest and International Bach Competition Leipzig

Bachfest and International Bach Competition Leipzig

 Scene from the Zanaida-perfomance. Photo: Gert MothesBachfest Leipzig

The Bachfest is the cultural highpoint in the musical calendar of the town Leipzig. More than 65,0000 international visitors attend more than one hundred events. The programme represents a great variety of concerts that range from classical to jazz and to open-air events. The programme of the Bachfest is divided into different formats focussing on different aspects.

The Bachfest Leipzig uses the new possibilities of the Bach Museum with its facilities to professionally enhance and enrich the Bachfest’s educational program.

An integrated concept, consisting of educational care at the concerts, interactive workshops for talented young musicians, concerts and theater productions appropriate for young people as well as events under the title »b@ch for us!«, enables children and teenagers alike to find an easy and thrilling access to the festival and its subject.


 Impression of the competition. Photo: Gert MothesInternational Johann-Sebastian-Bach Competition Leipzig

The International Bach Competition takes place every two years. The best performers are awarded the Bach Prize in the following disciplines, alternating in a biennial rhythm between  piano, harpsichord, violin/Baroque violin, and organ, voice, cello/Baroque cello, respectively. In each discipline three prizes will be awarded, namely the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd places. The prizes  amount to 3 x 10,000 Euros, 3 x 7,500 Euros and 3 x 5,000 Euros.

As donor of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prizes you contribute in a special way to promoting emerging artists gifted with the highest potential. Important prize winners with a remarkable carreer were, among others, Martin Stadtfeld, piano (2002), Pieter Jan Belder, harpsichord (2000), Ragna Schirmer, piano (1998), Christoph Genz, voice (1996) and Michael Schönheit, organ (1984).



In preparation for the Bach Competition the Bach-Archiv organizes master classes in the disciplines of the Bach Competition (piano, harpsichord, violin/Baroque violin, voice, organ, cello/Baroque cello). These master classes are taught by outstanding musicians and take place on a regular basis every year in November. An extension to a yearly academic programme is planned. For this purpose we are looking for partners that would want to support such master classes in certain disciplines. A contribution of 12,000 Euros per discipline is needed.