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By submitting this form I agree to the following terms and conditions and confirm that I have taken note of the fee schedule.


1. The provided copies of sources or pictures are meant to be used only for personal purpose by the applicant and must not be given to third parties.
2. Personal use includes scholarly research of the sources and resulting publications.
3. One complimentary copy of each publication based on the study of sources provided by the Leipzig Bach Archive is to be sent to its library immediately after the publishing date. In the case of musical performances, the Leipzig Bach Archive is to be mentioned explicitly on the programme as the owner of the source. One free copy of the programme is to be sent to the library.

If the performance is recorded, one free copy of the recording is to be sent to the Leipzig Bach Archive.
4. Every publication of the requested materials (facsimile, edition, broadcast, CD production, etc.) must be approved in writing by the head librarian. This applies also to the publication of only parts of a source (i.e., reproduction of separate pages of an autograph and the like).

The online use of our sources is only allowed in a maximum resolution of 640 pixels in width/72 dpi and with the copyright (© Sammlung Bach-Archiv Leipzig) placed right underneath the picture.
5. Place of jurisdiction is Leipzig, Germany.