Filming permission


The Bach Archive with its library and the Bach Museum with the Summer Hall can be used for film productions. Please fill in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Billing address (if different)
Production office
Information about filming
Information about the planned release


In case of a solely commercial use of the shooting material, excluding those who serve touristic, journalistic or cultural purposes, the following fees will be applied:

  • Supervising the filming crew during office hours (Mo – Fr; 9am – 6pm): 15,00 €/hour
  • Supervising the filming crew out of office hours: 30,00 €/hour

For extensive commercial projects, additional charges will be applied accordingly.


No matter what purpose the filming material serves, eventual losses of admission fees will be invoiced in any case.

Terms & conditions    

  • The person(s) in charge of the shooting is liable for all property and personal damage that may occur during the filming. The Leipzig Bach Archive will not be held responsible for eventual obstructions during the shooting.
  • The person(s) in charge of the shooting releases the Leipzig Bach Archive from any damage claims of a third party, which are pleaded against them in correlation with the filming. In case of rescission, the person(s) in charge of shooting has no right to claim compensations.
  • The material may only be used for the claimed purposes.
  • No alterations are allowed in the historical rooms; only cold light sources may be used. Any mode of illumination has to be agreed upon in the individual case with the Bach Archive prior to filming.
  • Two copies of every publication are to be sent to the press office of the Bach Archive.
  • The legal domicile is Leipzig.



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